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Want to organize an AI Bootcamp at your location? That is awesome!

Are you up for it?

Hosting an AI Bootcamp is easy, it is just like any other meetup.

  • To get started create an account on the site and register your bootcamp
  • Agree with the event organizers agreement
  • Find a location and some sponsors
  • Arrange some speakers and/or workshops
Register as an Organizer

Organizer agreement


Location & registration

You have to arrange a location, maybe your employer can help you out?

Your bootcamp needs a publicly available registration page, this can be on MeetUp or Eventbrite. We are looking if we can create a central registration system, with a nice AI twist.

The event has to be open to all people that subscribe. The principle on first come, first serve is used.

The event has to be free of charge and should at least include a lunch and free coffee/tea.

Promotion & Sponsors

To make this day awesome it is the best to find some sponsors so you can provide a full lunch, drinks, swag and maybe even an after party! If you cannot find any sponsors contact the HQ to find a solution.

Promote your event at the right channels so you get in the right people. A.I. / Mixed reality is a wide topic so make sure you target the right people in!

Global team / HQ

Play the provided keynote at the start of your event.

Please provide feedback about your event with the HQ through the portal, email or Twitter.

Share all the press you get with HQ, so we can get out the most of it!

Take photo's / videos during the bootcamp and share them with HQ.

Use our hashtag #GlobalAIBootcamp across twitter, linkedIn and Facebook.

Code of Conduct

As an organizer you have to make sure that at least this code of conduct is in place.

Be aware of diversity and inclusiveness on your bootcamp.